Eating the World

"Awesome" Figs, and Lemon Closeout, at Ahwatukee Farmers' Market

We talked with farmer Sri about what's in this week's harvest, and she waxed eloquent about summer fruits: "The figs are awesome! And we have a whole big apple box of lemons for ten bucks. Lemons are almost gone -- they're dropping," probably from those storms just before Memorial Day.

A lot of people have never had a fresh fig -- it has a short shelf life, once picked, and that's why urban dwellers are more accustomed to preserved and dried figs. But they grow like weeds here, so no more excuses! They're fantastic, and yes, the skin may still be green when the fig is ripe.

Sri told us that apricots and peaches are also in the mix now. Apricots smell like heaven and go well with almonds, ginger, and/or dark chocolate. Also that Moroccan chicken dish. (Yes, we're stoked.)

Sri's Fruits and Vegetables vends fresh produce from 8 a.m. to noon each Sunday at the Ahwatukee Farmers' Market.

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