AZ Waity-Wait

The last thing Bite Me wanted to do last week was slosh around in the rain looking for the really hard-to-find AZ88. (Drought? What freakin' drought?) She got the address and directions easily enough, but then found herself discombobulated in a Scottsdale parking lot. She called the restaurant on her cell phone and was told "it's nearly impossible to find." Super.

There is nothing more comforting to a directionally challenged person. But then her badass photographer Emily called and flew through the phone lines as Superhelper, walking her through the difficult directions. Bite Me finally got to the restaurant in one piece, although she was soaked to the bone, clutching a ripped polka-dot raincoat, a dampened notebook and a now-useless tape recorder. Spotting her trusty sidekick, she sank into a barstool and ordered a package of napkins to wipe her rain-bitten self as best she could.

Bite Me wasted no time deciding on a mess of chicken wings to grace her bar area. However, getting a bartender to pay one stitch of attention to her was no small task. In fact – though there were three bartenders attending the part of the bar where she was seated – it took nearly a half-hour to get someone interested in taking her order. You apparently need to be some sort of rock star to get serviced at AZ88. Bite Me loved the joint and would love to tell her readers that they'll be treated like royalty if they just walk in and pay the bill. But she'd be lyin' if she did so. The staff at AZ88 treated Bite Me's ass like the mangled mess it truly is. She watched swank and recognizable folks get served within minutes while she nearly died of thirst, endured her stomach growling and, most important, lost her buzz waiting for a refill on her martini.

Whatever. Bite Me forgives and recovers at the speed of light. Frankly, she ain't about the restaurant. She's a woman of the people, so she set about fixing her gaze on the folks dining there. She spotted folks departing and chased them down through the raindrops to get their scoop. As her interviewees strolled off to their cars, Bite Me let out a sigh and headed back in to sample some of the chicken wings she'd ordered. Chicken wings good. Decor good. Service? You better be fancy or at least a regular. Martinis strong. And what the hell, she'll probably go back. Go figure.

DJ Romeo
Disc jockey

Bite Me: So where do you DJ in town?

DJ Romeo:I just moved here from Vegas. I've been down here for six months now.

Bite Me: You'd already torn it up there?

DJ Romeo: I was there for seven years, playing at Club Utopia and Club Raw at the Luxor.

Bite Me: Which clubs are you spinning for now?

DJ Romeo: I've only played at a couple venues out here: Freedom and Six.

Bite Me: What about the music at AZ88?

DJ Romeo: It's my first time here, but they've got decent music for a restaurant. It's not really a nightclub, but there's definitely a good vibe. They actually have really nice DJ booths up above in the sky. It's really cool. I was really impressed.

Bite Me: Did you have any food here tonight?

DJ Romeo: No, because I had sushi over at RA.

Bite Me: So I recently read an article on how the turntable should be considered an instrument.

DJ Romeo: It sure is an instrument.

Bite Me: Why's that?

DJ Romeo: Well, being a DJ is all about how you flow your mix, and the turntable is the tool you use to do that. And everybody mixes differently.

Bite Me: Do you rely on word of mouth to get a following as a DJ?

DJ Romeo: My motto is: "He who has the newest set is gonna be the best DJ."

Bite Me: It's probably really competitive.

DJ Romeo: If you can go to a club and hear a DJ play a whole set and you've never heard any of the records before, then you know he's really good.

Bite Me: Were people nice to you when you got here or did they think you were invading their territory?

DJ Romeo: Well, I've only been out here six months, but in Vegas, we welcome out-of-town DJs with open arms.

Bite Me: You didn't get such a welcome wagon here, did ya?

DJ Romeo: Well, so far I haven't found anyone who wants to pay the price I want. So I'm gonna throw a party Vegas style, and it's gonna hit Scottsdale so hard that people aren't gonna know what hit 'em.

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