AZ88 Teaches Our Gluten-Free Girl a Lesson

OK. Last week, I learned a lesson in jumping to gluten-free conclusions about a place.

When I went to AZ88 The Bar on the Scottsdale Mall with a group of some of my favorite women, and when the waitress fessed up to having no gluten-free beer, I was ready to be sullen and unforgiving. I mean, really, in the entire establishment, there's no place to stash a few bottles of Omission?

For a gluten-freer who likes beer, it's frustrating. It starts to feel like a personal slight.

Anyway, before I got too far into my funk, the waitress returned to hand me a gluten-free menu, complete with appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts.

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OK, OK. I'm just a judgmental, knee-jerk, gluten-free snob.

I ordered the Hell's Fire Chips, which consisted of a pile of delicious crunchy housemade potato chips, with melted blue cheese scattered on top and drizzled with hot sauce. Fabulous.

And they tasted great with the lovely chardonnay I ordered.

OK. OK. I'll be more patient.

But I think they would have been even better with beer.

No matter. I'll be back to try some of the other gluten-free offerings.

Thanks, AZ88, for teaching me a gluten-free lesson.

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