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Baby, it's cold outside

Soup du jour: Spicy Korean tofu

Is is me or did the temperature really plummet since this morning? Lately, the nice weather's had me thinking spring -- don't you just love January in Arizona? -- but I guess I jumped the gun. Time to dig out a scarf, mix up a mug full of hot chocolate, and revel in our "winter" just a little bit longer.

Korean food sounds really good right now -- flavorful, fortifying, and hot in more ways than one. Out in the East Valley, there's a place called Chodang (501 N. Arizona Ave. in Chandler) that specializes in thick, chunky tofu soups that would be the perfect belly-warmer on a day like today. And just three months ago, Vit Goal Tofu & BBQ opened up on the west side (17037 N. 43rd Ave., Glendale) with a menu full of similar offerings. I finally got my hands on their menu, and the one with beef, kimchi and tofu looks tasty. And get this -- they have five levels of spiciness, from "plain" to "fire." Until my toes thaw out, I'll go for the latter.

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Michele Laudig
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