Baby Strollers at Devoured?! Young Children?!?! The Horror!

We're still wrapping up our coverage of Devoured -- stay tuned -- but a comment on yesterday's post caught our eye and we figured we'd put it before the Peanut Gallery (that's you, dear readers) now.

What do you think of what "Jim" had to say? (Tell us, and you might win passes to an upcoming food truck festival!)

Went to both Sat and Sunday Devoured Classic's and they were!! Food was Off the Hook both days, extra food,seating and the resturant and Great Hall ware terrific ideas. If you wanted to sit down for 10 min. you could find a place and didn't have to hoard a table like in years past. One Negative
BABY STROLLERS the size of mini coopers!! Mothers with back-packs, milk bottles, water, blankets WTF????????? The space is packed but it's a good packed - people are happy, considerate and fun is had by all.
You are supposed to be 21 yrs or older if you can afford the ticket price you can afford the BABYSITTER!!! DUH?
Beside infants I saw at least a dozen kids all 8 -12 yrs old, how did that happen, don't get me wrong they were well behaved but come on. Mom's and Dad's teach your kids about great food at home.
Sorry if I'm ragging on our next generations but ................. !!

Weigh in either way (there's no right or wrong answer here) in our comments section before 5 p.m. Monday, March 12, and we'll enter you in a drawing to win two free passes to the food truck festival at Superstition Farm on Saturday, March 17.

Warning: The food truck festival will most certainly draw lots of families with small children. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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