Not just tasty to look at, this motorcycle runs on bacon.
Not just tasty to look at, this motorcycle runs on bacon.
Driven By Bacon

Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle Rides from Minnesota to San Diego for New Documentary

Better save up that bacon grease because one team of filmmakers and engineers, along with Hormel, are proving that it can really take you places. A custom-built bio-diesel motorcycle recently made the trek from Austin, Minnesota to San Diego, California, fueled by nothing but bacon thus proving that dreams really can come true.

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The bad to tha (ham) bone ride hit its destination yesterday on a well-documented via Tumblr trip across the country. The bike is in California because it will be featured at the San Diego Bacon Festival on August 30. The event is sponsored by Hormel Black Label bacon, who also provided the bacon that the bike ran on for the trip.

Other stops along the way included Sturgis and the Outside Lands music festival. The entire trip was filmed for an upcoming documentary called Driven By Bacon, which, according to KAAL TV, will be about finding people's passions across the country, even if they don't happen to be motorcycles or bacon.

A KAAL TV reporter also reassures that "yes, it does smell like bacon when it runs." Well, that's a relief. The bacon grease runs at about $3.50 per gallon with one gallon of fuel being roughly equal to one pound of grease. The bike itself gets between 75 and 100 miles per gallon.

Be still our beating hearts (and not just because of all of the bacon)-- we think we've found our newest crush and he drives a bacon-powered cafe racer lookin' ride. You know, Phoenix isn't that far from San Diego-- just sayin'.

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