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Bacon Lube Creators to Star in Bacon Reality Show

In what is likely the most definitive proof that the era of reality television needs to come to an end, Deadline is reporting that work has begun on a bacon reality TV show. Apparently, the show will focus on the exploits of Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, two Seattle based "bacontrepreneur" that turned their desire to make "everything taste like bacon" into a multi-million dollar bacon-flavored food empire. The makers, whose products started reasonably with bacon salt, quickly spiraled into baconcentric madness.

Currently their company, J & D's Foods, produces: Baconnaise, bacon lip balm, bacon envelopes, bacon popcorn, mixes for bacon dressing and gravy, and possibly most disturbingly, bacon lube. They also produce a line of foods for YouTubecelebs, Epic Meal Time. Because what could be better than total bacon saturation? Branded, total bacon saturation.

Actually, the most disturbing aspect of their whole franchise is that all of their products apparently carry some level of kosher certification. This would seem to imply that whatever is going on inside of their factory doesn't actually involve bacon at any level.

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