Bacon Queen Heather Lauer at Changing Hands Tonight

You never know where your food obsessions might take you.

For Heather Lauer, an enthusiasm for bacon spawned a blog, Bacon Unwrapped (now four years old), which then spawned a book, Bacon: A Love Story.

Since blogger Julie Powell followed a similar trajectory with her Julie/Julia Project blog and the popular Julie and Julia book -- which led to the sensational film of the same name that just debuted in theaters this past weekend -- I have to wonder if Lauer has a bacony biopic in her future, or maybe a bacon-centric TV show. Hey, you never know!

In the meantime, Lauer will be sharing her insights on "Bacon Nation" at 7 p.m. at Changing Hands in Tempe tonight. Next door's Wildflower Baking Co. will provide free treats.


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