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Bad News for the Moscow Mule: Bartenders Name the Most Over- and Underrated Cocktails

According to bartenders, the Moscow Mule is so over. Thrillist spoke to 15 of the top bartenders and assembled a list of the drinks they think have trended themselves to death and those that deserve a little recognition. Somewhat surprisingly, the Moscow Mule hit the overrated list the most times with mojitos, Manhattans, and martini varieties all getting more than one mention as well. We have to say, the pretty much standard protocol copper cup for Moscow Mules is enough to keep us away most times.

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Tiki connoisseur Martin Cate of Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco is sick of the Blood and Sand cocktail, which mixes Scotch, sweet vermouth, Cherry Heering, and orange juice. We can see why because that drink sounds like a sweet, disgusting mess. Dale Degroff, whom you might know as the master of modern craft cocktails, is sick of seeing Negronis served up, but loves them over ice.

On the underrated side, three of our all-time personal favorite cocktails made the list. The Negroni, gin and tonic, and gimlet are simple, classic drinks you should heavily acquaint yourself with, if you haven't already. The Vieux Carré also made an appearance, which is one of our new favorites after Geoffery Wilson of Barrelhouse mixed one up for us. If you can't get off the Mule train, some of the bartenders recommend a legit Daiquiri as an underrated alternative.

What drink are you sick of seeing?

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