Battle of the Dishes

Bagel Trek: The Search for Schmear

A longtime friend and fellow East Coast Transplant recently remarked that Phoenix is "a bagel wasteland." According to him, the best way to get a decent bagel here is to have it flown in from New York.

It can't possibly be that difficult to find a tasty bagel. Or can it? This past weekend, my friend and I trekked out to the farthest reaches of our territory in search of a bagel that would live up to our cream-cheese-of-the-crop standards. We were rewarded with one closed shop, another that moved to BFE, one that was out of bagels and finally, two worthy contenders. Oy vey! 

In One Corner: Bagel Nosh/Nosh Bagelry
4855 E Warner Rd. in Phoenix

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Wynter Holden
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