Baiz Market in Phoenix: What We Bought, What We Skipped and What We're Still Lusting Over

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What We Skipped: While Baiz has won a place in our hearts for their unbeatable prices on Middle Eastern staples, not everything in the market is a winner. As much as we love rose and orange blossom waters, their odd upper-shelf cousin, dill weed water, was of no interest to us this time. Saffron also didn't make the shopping basket cut us at $5 per 0.025 ounce. Our final skipped item this week was an odd hatchet/hammer-like instrument found with the other cooking utensils. The most confusing part of this violent-looking tool is that it says on the packaging that it's for "grown ups," while displaying a cute cartoon bear in the background--mixed messages much?

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Heather Hoch is a music, food, and arts writer based in Tucson. She enjoys soup, scotch, Electric Light Orchestra, and walking her dog, Frodo.
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