Bartenders & Baristas: Jorge Cacho at The Cherry Pit

By Wynter Holden

28-year-old flairtenderJorge Cacho is a real-life movie sidekick. You know, the "super nice best friend" type who’s perpetually single until some blonde bombshell gets wise and jumps his bones. Don't believe it? Just rent Hitch or The Holiday and you'll see. Cacho isn’t handsome in the traditional way (especially with that crazy moustache), but he’s got an adorable baby face and a sweet, outgoing personality that could literally charm the pants off of any reasonably intelligent co-ed. You can currently catch him doing tricks behind the bar, conveniently located right next to the stripper poles, at Cherry Lounge & Pit in Tempe. Oh, and ladies -- he's available.

CB: Ok, what’s the deal with the moustache? JC: I ‘m a flair bartender and there was this competition in Vegas called The Ultimate Flair Bartending Competition. For that, they encourage you to dress up and have a theme. My theme was Nacho Libre. I bought the tights, the cape. I got a perm, I grew the moustache out and it started to curl. Now it’s kind of my signature.

CB: Do people really dig it? JC: Yes, but my roommate hates it. We’ll go out and meet a group of girls, and I’m the only one they remember, because of the moustache. He’s like “I’m going to shave it off. One of these days you’ll wake up with half a moustache!”

CB: What do you like to drink? JC: I’m a big rum guy. My favorite drink is a splash of Sailor Jerry…he’s an old tattoo artist and I love the tattoo world. It’s spiced rum, kind of like Captain Morgan. And Corona. I remember I was a little kid, like seven or eight years old, and my uncle was the GM of [the Corona] factory. So I could walk into the factory and grab five or six beers for my cousins.

CB: Any tattoos? JC: Eleven.

CB: What’s your favorite cocktail to make? JC: Every week it changes. This week I made up a drink; basically SoCo, watermelon, melon, pineapple juice and blue Curacao. I’m calling it Johnny Nightlife, after my friend John who bartends at The Big Bang.

CB: What advice can you give people interested in flair bartending? JC: I tell people, before you start throwing bottles throw around some cherries or limes or ice cubes. Something the owner or manager won’t care if you drop. We have an unwritten code – if you can’t do it 90% of the time at home, don’t do it behind the bar.

CB: What do you like about your job? JC: I love flair bartending. It’s one of my passions. I have like 25 bottles in my car that are empty that I throw around. I get to meet a lot of people, have fun. I’m having the time of my life right now.

CB: What’s your best “flair” move? JC: I like playing with two shaker tins and ice cubes. And I can put one of the little sword toothpicks that we use between my lips and catch a cherry on it.

CB: Tell us some of the crazy stuff you’ve seen around here. JC: Actually, there was something that happened last night. There was a guy and a girl who came into the bar together. They were hanging out, having a good time and the girl wanted to dance. The guy wasn’t really into it, and somebody else came up and asked her to dance.

She’s out on the dance floor dancing really, really provocatively. And here’s her boyfriend sitting at the bar, in the corner, having a drink and watching TV. So the guy gets up to go the bathroom and while he’s gone, [his girlfriend] leaves with the other guy. The boyfriend comes back, and I have to explain to him that his girl just left with another dude.

There are definitely times like that where you’re playing psychiatrist and holding somebody’s hand while they cry. The best you can do is help make their night better. So you’re like “here, want another shot?”

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