Bartenders & Baristas: Squeaky-Clean Tori at Mac's

By Wynter Holden

We’ve always seen Mac’s Broiler and Tap, the popular little bar with the awesome patio tucked between Tempe’s beloved Changing Hands Bookstore and the newly-opened Hoodlums music shop, but we never popped in for a drink. Lucky for us we did, because there we met 24-year-old Torey Boley, an adorably cute Utah native with a perky laugh and a loyal following of burger-hungry, cocktail-thirsty patrons. Why? She's got that fresh-faced innocence and "squeaky-cleanness" that we hardened Phoenicians envy so much...

Tori (center) pals around with co-workers Hanna and Chris

Reptile Love My favorite drink to make would be “sex with an alligator.” It’s Midori, sweet and sour, Jaeger and raspberry liqueur. It’s green in the middle. The raspberry goes to the bottom and the Jaeger to the top, so it’s green in the middle with a little pinkish on the bottom and brown on the top. It’s so fun!

Arizona: The Normal State I like it. The weather not so much, but I love the people that I meet. So many different cultures, beliefs. Growing up in Utah, there was one belief, one way of doing things, but coming here --well, people are normal!

On Getting De-Flowered...

I used to work in a flower shop, before here. My mom’s a florist. Doing arrangements for weddings, funerals. Ok, the funerals weren’t so fun, but the weddings are my favorite. That’s what I’d like to get back into, if there was any money in it.

Here Comes the Bride No fluffy dresses!!! Aack! If I got married tomorrow, I would probably be on the beach or in the mountains, in a very straight, not-white dress. Maybe an orange dress, kind of coppery. I’ve seen it before and I love that color. And there’d be lots of flowers of course.

Movin’ on Up I’ve been here [at Mac’s] for 4 years. We’re famous for our burgers (we grind our own meat here), and we’ve just grown by word of mouth. 85% of the customers we know by name. It had to be fate that the business next door left. The owner here was looking for a space to open another branch, or just move over to a larger location, but then the place next door came available. The goal is to expand in November…

Her Knight in Shining Armor We’ve got very loyal customers here, who’ve really become our friends. I had two guys that came in; I’d never seen them before, but they were drinking and I cut them off. They’d had too much, and they were driving. So they left. One guy paid me, and the other guy didn’t…he left like a $50 tab.

One of our regulars, Jason, was sitting at the bar. He heard where [these two guys] were going, and he jumped in his car and chased them down. He’s a huge teddy bear, but he’s an intimidating looking guy. So he made the guy who didn’t pay walk to the ATM, get out the cash…He got the bill money from the guy, and a 30% tip for me.

Quirky Quote of the Day: We haven’t seen any nudity here, but we had one guy pee himself.

Hey, if Fergie can do it at a concert and not be completely shunned, that guy should be a-OK.

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Wynter Holden
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