Battle of the Dishes

Battle of the Big, Fake Cronut: Dunkin' Donuts vs. Jack in the Box

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In This Corner: Dunkin' Donuts The Set-Up: Dunkin' Donuts has been a long-time titan in the coffee-and-doughnuts game. Their croissant doughnut is bigger than their standard offerings, comes topped with their standard doughnut glaze, and costs $2.49, a significant upcharge over their 99¢ regular doughnuts.

The Good: The pastry part of the doughnut was especially delectable and toothsome, with a rich buttery flavor. It's bigger than Jack in the Box's diminutive model, so one of these at 300 calories each does less caloric damage than the 400-plus calories in Jack's cronut 3-pack.

The Bad: As far as mass-market doughnuts go, this sucker is on the expensive side, at $2.49 each. It's only half the price of a genuine Cronut (tee-em) from Dominique Ansel Bakery, but that's hardly a good excuse. I now know why most Cronut clones I see only have a light smear of icing on top. The confection was tooth-achingly sweet thanks to a heavy hand with the glaze. If you're getting coffee, you'd better order it black.

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