Battle of the Dishes

Battle of the Cupcakes

Urban Cookies vs. Cupcakes


It's been several years since the cupcake craze ignited. According to most food fad timelines, cupcakes should have jumped the shark by now, but they obviously haven't because there's still no shortage of frou-frou cupcake boutiques around the Valley. That's fine with us -- what could be better than a delicious little cake topped with rich icing? We bring you a bakery battle royale.

Urban Cookies on Seventh Street specializes in gift boxes of freshly made cookies that you can order online. For walk-in clientele, cupcakes are baked in one-serving sized Solo cups which makes them stand out from the crowded field of gourmet cupcakes.


The store is low-key with a clean, fifties-throwback feel to it. The cupcake flavors include brown velvet (which is red velvet minus the food dye), carrot, vanilla and dark chocolate. We ordered the dark chocolate cupcake and it was served in a recyclable cardboard box.


"You can tell care went into the frosting," said our dining companion, referring to the small dollop of shiny icing atop the Solo cup.


Unfortunately the experience of eating the cupcake was all but ruined by the clerk peppering us with questions.


"You must like cupcakes," she says. We nod with our mouths full.


"I see you're taking notes," she says. Uh-huh.


"You like to take pictures of your cupcakes?" she says. Yes, we do.


Will we go back? Probably not.


The Verdict: Urban Cookies

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