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Be a Safari Leader at Green's Carnivore Caravan This Weekend

In support of the national observance of Meatout 2012 (, Green New American Vegetarian is hosting its 3rd Annual Carnivore Caravan on Saturday, March 17, and they're on the lookout for Safari Leaders, who will be awarded discounts.

"The purpose of our annual Carnivore Caravan event is to offer a viable option for those who do not keep a plant-based diet, or who don't wish to convert to vegetarianism or veganism right away -- or ever," says Chef and Owner Damon Brasch. "This is an opportunity to consider something a little different."

Bolstered by last year's showing, many of whom were self-identified meat eaters, Chef Damon is confident that Green's compassionate cuisine will be even more popular this year. "Based on what we've heard year over year, our vegan comfort food pleases the palate of the most discerning carnivore. We want those who do not keep a plant-based diet to know that vegan food doesn't always taste like weeds," he continues. "The comfort food that we prepare at Green not only tastes great but, in addition to it being animal-friendly, it is also ecologically and environmentally responsible -- and that is a point of resonance for many."

Ready to be a Safari Leader? Here's how it works:

For each Carnivore brought to Green for an entrée or appetizer, the Safari Leader who brings them in will receive a $1.00 discount on his/her own meal. Two Carnivores? $2.00 off. In fact, Green will discount meals up to $5.00 if 5 Carnivores show up with their veg-lovin' friend! If the Safari Leader wrangles up 6 Carnivores who each purchase an appetizer or entrée --- the meal for the Safari Leader is FREE!

On Saturday, March 17th, both locations will host Green's 3rd Annual Carnivore Caravan from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm. Don't forget to visit Nami, the 7th Street location's sweet little sister, for dessert.

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