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Beer for Brains Foundation to Release Collaboration Ale Nationally

​We like beer, we like brains, and we like teamwork, so we're loving this one.

Louis Dolgoff, head of the Beer for Brains Foundation, told us yesterday a collaborative beer specially brewed for his organization is in the works and will eventually hit national distribution.

Dolgoff says the brew will be a cooperative effort between brewers and is in talks with Jef Versele (of Belgium's Brouwerij Van Steenberge, makers of Piraat, Monk's Café and Gulden Draak). Dolgoff mentioned Tomme Arthur, head brewer at Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey in San Diego, as a second possible conspirator, though no brewer's involvement has yet been finalized. 


Beer for Brains, if you'll remember, is a national nonprofit based in Peoria that stages beer festivals, tastings and other events to raise cash for brain cancer research. Last year they put on the obscenely awesome booze-fest that was the Off-Centered Experience, and will host a similar festival, the RAREaffair, in November.

Though details still need to be finalized, Dolgoff said the beer may be ready for enjoyment by the fall. It'll be called Medulla, and though Dolgoff hasn't yet decided on a style, he says it'll be Belgian-inspired. We think a wit would be appropriate.

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