Beer Jelly Lets You Have Your Favorite Ale for Breakfast

If you're the kind of beer lover who wishes they could pair a brew with every meal, or even just have your favorite ale be the meal itself, you're in luck. One Vermont resident has taken four different beer flavors and infused them into spreadable jellies.

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The Potlicker beer jellies come in a four jar set of IPA, black IPA, porter, and oatmeal stout. According to the product's page on Uncommon Goods, the jellies are made by rendering traditional beer ingredients like hops, malt, and yeast so the jelly carries the same flavors as the different brews. That means the jelly can be used to infuse your favorite beer flavors as a glaze for meats, mixed in cocktails, or in your favorite cupcake recipe.

Best of all, the jellies are made to emulate "the bountiful local food and beer culture" by Nancy Warner, a self-proclaimed "intrepid former archaeologist and hardcore foodie." We're thinking Warner, who also made wine jellies, is some sort of an Indiana Jones-type that will also make you a jam inspired by the botanicals in gin. Maybe? Who knows.

While we wait for some enterprising local jam maker to begin making Four Peaks, San Tan, Papago, and Arizona Wilderness inspired jelly, we'll hold ourselves over by buying a Potlicker jar set off of Uncommon Goods. A set of four eight-ounce handmade beer jellies sells for $28.

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