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Best Kitchen Pranks from Valley Chefs

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Aaron May, Chef and Restaurateur

I was working for a high-profile chef in New York who was known to keep a cocktail in his Styrofoam cup while expediting. There was an incident where the chef realized that the new food runner was stealing his drink. As payback, he replaced his normal cocktail with a horrible mixture of lemon juice, veal stock, salt, soy, Tabasco, and God knows what else. All was going according to plan until the middle of service when, during the rush, chef forgot about the prank and drank it himself.

Josh Hebert Owner and Chef, Posh

This time of year we have a pretty good kitchen prank we play on the newbies. We have them pick and clean stinging nettles, but we don't tell them they're stinging. About five minutes in they ask, "Hey, Chef, why are my hands stinging?"

Josh Riesner Chef and Owner, Pig & Pickle

I've turned my sous chef's pan handles on the flame while he wasn't looking just to have him grab a scalding hot handle when he came back around. Also, the old watered-down corn syrup in the face followed by a bag of flour on someone's last day is pretty classic.

Chef Peter DeRuvo Davanti Enoteca

During a pre-shift tasting, I served mayonnaise creme brulee. A server got a big mouthful of mayo then asked, "Chef, is that Italian creme brulee?"

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