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Best Kitchen Pranks from Valley Chefs

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Bernie Kantak Chef and Partner, Citizen Public House

A very long time ago, someone brought in plastic poop, put it next to the employee toilet, and then strategically smeared chocolate ganache on toilet paper scattered around the floor and all over the seat. Most caught on pretty quick, but one actually had a bit of a violent reaction that led to some cleaning up of some other stuff. That pretty much ended Prank Day.

Chef Stephen Toevs The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix

One of my favorites is filling a bucket with water and dropping another chef's knives inside. Then you stick the entire bucket into the freezer to make a giant block of ice. That one never gets old.

Pauline Martinez Chef and owner, Perk Eatery

When I was managing my dad's restaurant, we had a dishwasher who rode his bike to work everyday. One day, the kitchen staff took his bike and hid it in the freezer. When he went to throw out the trash he realized his bike was gone. After an hour of agonizing, they told him it was in the freezer. He ran to get it but one of the cooks was hiding behind some boxes and jumped out at him. The poor guy nearly had a heart attack.

Matt Marlowe Chef and Owner, Umami

I once sent the new cook to all our neighboring restaurants and had him ask to borrow their bacon stretcher because we were running low on bacon.

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