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Between the Bun: The Spot's Steak Sandwich

This week we've been talking with Brian Kingdeski of The Spot in Gilbert. Open since January, the neighborhood eatery specializes in home cooked classics and friendly service. Their quirky, 13-foot-wide space and beach cruiser delivery system add to the charm.

Today, Kingdeski's going to break down one of the restaurant's top selling items, the steak sandwich. While you may think you've seen every variation of this classic dish, rest assured he's got a twist or two up his sleeve...

The Spot's Steak Sandwich

Ingredients: Angus sirloin Pepper, salt, garlic and "magic" seasoning

Gorgonzola cheese Onions Red and green peppers Mushrooms Horseradish sauce


"To make the steak sandwich, we get big sirloin, Angus, high quality beef and from there we take it and trim it and slice it into three loins.

"At that point, we'll take ground pepper, the big kernels, and sea salt, and our "magic seasoning" that also goes on all of our fries - it's a combination of a lot of different herbs and salts and seasonings - so we season the meat. From there, we take the steak and sear it on the flat top grill so all that flavor gets cooked in for about 25 minutes. Then we take it and bake it for about 30 minutes, or until it reaches the temperature of 125˚.

"After that we cool it and hand slice the steak and portion it. That's just the steps for the meat...

"We take the meat and then we sauté caramelized onions, green and red peppers and mushrooms. Then we have an 8 in Parisian roll, it's like a hoagie roll, and we put herb butter on it and grill it on the flat top. At the end we put in the Gorgonzola cheese and our homemade horseradish sauce drizzled on top."

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