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Big Feature on Chris Bianco in Martha Stewart Living

Got a craving for Pizzeria Bianco lately? Better get yourself down there asap -- like, probably tonight -- before too many people start cracking open their brand-new copies of Martha Stewart Living. The place is notorious for its wait, but I'm betting it will soon be even longer.

Phoenix's celebrated pizza maker, Chris Bianco, gets a gorgeous eight-page feature in the May issue, and it is utterly drool-worthy. Pictures of Chris drizzling olive oil on an unbaked pie. Shots of Chris and partner Susan Pool and their photogenic friends and employees raising their wine glasses at an outdoor feast. Chris's step-by-step guide to making pizza dough. And of course, delicious-looking photos.

First thing I noticed was the unusual toppings, which aren't on the Pizzeria Bianco menu -- pizzas with mortadella and mozzarella; heirloom tomato and fresh basil leaves; and lemon, shaved Piave, red onions, and rosemary. Wouldn't you love to see these on the menu? I would. I'll always be hungry for a Wiseguy, but variety is nice, too.

Check out the Martha link above for a three-minute video clip of Chris showing Martha how to make baby fennel and red grapefruit salad.  

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Michele Laudig
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