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Bink's Midtown in Phoenix: Happy Hour Report Card

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The Interior: Located in a residential area, Bink's Midtown is sort of like having dinner at someone's house -- a really fancy second gentlemen's farm-home with white linen table-clothed house in France with original wood floors. And fabulous napkins. When it's not overly crowded the restaurant has wonderful acoustics, yet tricky parking. Complimentary valet is offered. The decor pays attention to the details, and it shows. It's welcoming, yet upscale -- a lot like the menu.

The Food: A bit hungry, we opted for the cheese board ($12) and spring vegetable fritters ($5). The board included three cheeses, country pate, jam, pickles, whole grain mustard and crustini. It was lovely, but we would have preferred more cheese and less pate and jam. But, c'est la vie. We somehow managed to love every bite.

The fritters were piping hot and delicious, a bargain for sure. Binkley is known for his use of local produce. Light and fluffy, they were served with romesco sauce and lots of parmesan; it's an item found on few menus. Bink's nails it. In addition to our happy hour order, our server brought Bink's signature buckwheat biscuits, which served as sort of a dessert to our mini-meal. The menu for happy hour also includes burgers, salads and seafood dishes.

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