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BKFST Blog Forgoes Lunch and Dinner with All Early-Morning Eats All the Time

Are you like us and could eat breakfast for every single meal of the day? Now presenting all the egg-based dishes, pancakes and fruit and yogurt combos imaginable to make you weak in the knees and urge you to go to bed early -- just so the sunrise can more quickly greet you with another morning of coffee-scented dining bliss.

All this breakfast food photograph gallery/blog can be found on It's quite beautifully curated and was started by bloggers Diana Moss of Miss Moss and Catherine Green of Wolf Eyebrows.

Each photo seems to have pretty filtered morning light that accompanies a bit of bed head and not-quite-ready-for-the-day saunter. It might inspire you to spend a few more minutes a day planning your breakfast, especially if your everyday oats aren't quite up to snuff.

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