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Bleeding Hearts Cake and Texas Tacos in Today's Eater's Digest

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Heart Attack
Happy February! Ready for an explosion of all things hearts? We sure are!

Our favorite Valentine's Day cake of 2011 is the "Bleeding Heart" from cleverly named U.k. baker, Lily Vanilli. Perfect for the not-so-romantic-but-we-love-zombies couple or for any of you who have had your heart ripped out and wish you could do the same to the person who did it. Best devoured with your bare hands for the full bleeding heart experience as demonstrated on Lily Vanilli's blog, the cake is red velvet with cream cheese frosting and oozey blackcurrant & cherry "blood". Sadly our Valentine won't be getting one this year -- even after a little begging, Lily will not ship to States quite yet. Our fingers are crossed for next year.

For sweet treats that you can get your hands check out Goody Two's Valentine's gift box filled with tempting toffee or pick up a
XOX gift box from Sprinkles Cupcakes containing a dozen sinful cupcake treats. This year they are bringing back the Red Velvet and introducing Raspberry Chocolate Chip. Yum!    

Taco Tuesday!
It's Tuesday again, time for tacos! Tonight, summon your inner Texan and chow down a a few Texas Chicken Tacos. Chicken breasts cooked up with tomatoes and chilies and then served with garlic-y black beans and buttery rice. Skip the rice and beans and make black bean corn salsa for a healthy and quick Tuesday night meal.

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