Blow Me Like a Torture Tool, in This Week's "Guess That Gadget"

How well do you know your favorite cookhouse contraptions? See if you can guess today's gadget and check back next week for the answer, and to see if you've won a most-awesome prize.

Here are a few shots at this week's trickster, add yours to the comment box below:

- "Paw Spa" Nail Clipper & Shaver
- Nut Cracker and Apple Peeler 2-in-1
- My First Torture Tool

What the heck was this? Find out last week's answer (and winner!) after the jump.

Last Week's Answer: Barbecue Hand Crank Fire Air Blower

​Congratulations to Jackie, who correctly guessed the gadget from last week! As a most awesome prize, Jackie will get a mention in the gadget description below. Hey, it's better than making the front page of The Slammer! (don't ask.)

Dear Jackie,

When you invited me to your family's outdoor cookout last week, I thought things were getting serious. Unfortunately, I showed up completely wasted with my ex-girlfriend's mom (you said I could bring a guest!) and belligerently insisted on helping your Uncle Lou start the barbecue by blowing on the coals as hard as my liquor-soaked lungs could. How could I have known the flying sparks would catch his woodshed (and your Nana) on fire and that I would have to be taken away via ambulance to treat the third degree burns on my face?

It was an innocent mistake and I'm writing you today to tell you that I've changed. Yesterday, I bought a Barbecue Hand Crank Fire Air Blower. Now, sauced or not, I can safely crank out air to start a fire without hurting others or doing further damage to my disfigured face. I've called your uncle to see if I could try it out on his barbecue but, like you, he hasn't returned the 100 or so calls I've made. Can you put a price on my love for you, Jackie? Usually not, but in this case it was $4.69 plus shipping. If our relationship is over, please reimburse me for the cost of caring.


P.S. Can I come to your mom's birthday party next weekend?

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