Sous Chef Nick Sheley of Boa Bistro in Mesa joined us for this week's Chef Chat. When Sheley's not preparing the next plate to leave the kitchen, he's getting the restaurant ready for its next cooking class. In late March, Boa opened its kitchen doors for sessions led by executive chef, Payton Curry.

Boa's latest class focused on a favorite appetizer -- Daily Pulled Mozzarella topped with Banyuls vinegar, Queen Creek Olive Oil and Basil, and served with toast. Sheley's back today to share the recipe ...

Boa Bistro's Daily Pulled Mozzarella

1 gallon hot (not boiling) water
1/2 lb fresh Mozzarella Curd
1/2 c Finely-Chopped Basil
Queen Creek Olive Oil, to taste
Banyuls Vinegar, to taste
Salt, as needed

1. On the stove, bring the gallon of lightly salted water to 120-130 degrees (not boiling, but about as hot as a bath) in a large stock pot.
2. Pour the water into a large mixing bowl and crumble the cheese curd into the water.
3. With your hands, stir the cheese curds until they begin to pull, or stick together. Then begin pulling the cheese in small motions, like taffy or pizza dough. Don't over-pull the cheese, as it will become hard and rubbery.
4. Take the cheese out of the hot water and divide into desired servings. Extras can be stored in slightly salted water or in plastic wrap. 
5. Mozzarella can be served warm or cold, but it is always best topped with olive oil, vinegar and basil (with toast on the side). 
6. Lightly salt, if needed.

(This was the recipe portion of our interview with Sous Chef Nick Sheley of Boa Bistro. Check out part one and part two of the interview and stay tuned for next week's Chef Chat.) 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.