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Boho Farm and Home in Arcadia Hosts "Chicken 101" and "Dinner at the Coop" Events in October

Caroline Van Slyke over at Boho Farm & Home is getting busy on her property this October. In case you didn't know, Van Slyke is an Arcadia-based designer, urban farmer, cheesemaker, jam-maker, soon-to-be beekeeper, mother of two, and tender of a bunch of chickens, a Scottish Terrier, a farm cat, and some ducks. Yeah, she's busy. But you can get an up-close glimpse of her inspiring property and hospitality at two upcoming events, perfect for the chicken lover in you -- and wannabe backyard farmer.

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First, there's Chicken 101 on October 20 led by Van Slyke's proclaimed "chicken mentor," Jim Dennis. (Everyone needs a chicken mentor.) It takes place right next to her coop area, so you'll get to know "the girls." If you're thinking about getting chickens or have recently acquired some hens, this is the class for you.

Dennis guided Van Slyke from early on when she had only three chickens. (She now has more than 10.) Dennis will share how to get your own backyard flock going and common problems owners face. The class is $21 per person. If you sign up, you'll get a map on how to get there. Dennis is owner of Rent-a-Hen, so you know between the two of these experts, you'll be in good hands.

October 26 brings an elegant affair to the farm with an exclusive "Dinner at the Coop." It's a five-course meal with the menu that's truly farm-to-table based on what the garden is producing and what is available from their locally sourced farm friends. Plus, you get to bring the wine of your choice. It's only $55 per person and here's the menu (if this doesn't inspire you to grow something or invest in backyard livestock, we're not sure what will).

*Assorted crustini with homemade chevre, jams, chutneys and pesto, stuffed eggs and homemade bread and butter pickles

*Tomato, herb, and farro salad served with baby fall greens (made with Hayden Flour Mill's farro)

*Pumpkin soup with Gruyere

*Jamie Oliver's "chicken in milk" (made with Van Slyke's pasture raised organic poulet rouge birds)

*Apple galette with homemade cardamom ice cream and lemongrass tisane

Learn more and purchase classes and dinners here. Follow Chow Bella on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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