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Boners BBQ in Atlanta Is Awarded "Worse Use of Social Media 2012" Award

And it's only the second week of January.

While perusing the interwebs yesterday, I came across a disturbing story about a restaurant in Atlanta called Boners BBQ.

I'll say that one more time -- BONERS BBQ.

And their slogan is worse than the name. Wanna take a guess at what it is? Try "Put a Little South in Your Mouth".

As a completely immature 32 year old, I think the name and the slogan are hilarious and all, but I still wouldn't eat there. More then likely I would just snicker every time I drove by until it was no longer funny in which case I would probably say, "Wow. I can't believe that place is still in business" and then the sad day would come when Boners shut their doors and the inevitable "it looks like Boners has gone limp" comment would have to be made. 

Anyways, onto the story.

Read about Boners' big mistake after the jump...

It seems the owner of Boners decided to freak out on a customer who posted a Yelp review that wasn't exactly five stars via social media and as we've all learned that is the WORST thing you could ever do. This dude not only posted a little rant on the restaurant's Facebook and Twitter but he full out told this woman to "go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself" and he posted her photo! Who does that?!

He was also making accusations that the woman didn't leave a tip -- she claims she did but that should honestly be neither here nor there. Not leaving a tip shouldn't warrant that kind of immature behavior.  I'm a bartender and like everyone else in the serving industry I have freaked out on people for not tipping on tabs over $50 (hers was only $30) but I do it to their faces and I calmly ask if something was wrong with the service and nine times out of ten the person says no and throws me some cash, or they say something rude that then justifies a snarky remark and maybe a certain finger gesture is thrown in their direction and then it's dropped. Going after every single person that didn't leave a tip would be a full time job and it would be dumb because as much as servers would love to think tipping is mandatory, it's not.

, which awarded Bonders with the "Worse Use of Social Media" award, has the full story including all the super lame Facebook posts and a link to Stephanie's informative Yelp post. Check it out here

Really, with a name like that, what can you expect?

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