Bookmans Cafe Turns VIPs into Eclair Addicts

This past Tuesday night, Bookmans in Mesa held a VIP Tasting reception for media and friends of the store's cafe. If you haven't been to their Mesa location since the renovation late last year, Bookmans now has a cute little coffee shop in the front right corner of the store by the magazine rack. You can purchase gelato, sandwiches, salads and coffee with cash, or use the trade-in credit you get from selling Bookmans your used books and other items.

Several notable faces were spotted with miniature versions of the cafe's panini and pastries in hand, including local social media guru Jeff Moriarty, who talked about the sellout crowds and new venue at last Friday's Ignite #7. When I asked Moriarty to pose with some of the delicious grub, he gravitated towards bite-size pieces of a caramel eclair from Scratch Pastries in Scottsdale. Warned that he'd have to do some retakes if he popped the eclair bite in his mouth before the flash went off, Moriarty grinned and said, "Oh, darn. You mean, I'd have to eat another one?"     

What addictive chemical is lurking in these eclairs? Sugar, at the very least.

​These innocent looking eclairs, found in Bookmans' pastry case next to lemon bars and croissants, have some serious mojo going on. I don't know what Scratch puts in their caramel filling (they'd probably have to kill us if they told us) but everyone who ate one came back for seconds and thirds.

Other foods presented included a roast beef melt and turkey panini with crisp applewood smoked bacon. Ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, though the amazing "Black Cat" coffee is imported from Intelligentsia in Chicago. I sampled one of everything (except the veggie sandwich -- sorry, but it literally paled next to the chunky beef melt) and can attest to the freshness and quality.

If you've got an extra copy of Twilight and a few Lady Gaga CDs laying around, bring them in and maybe you can score one of the sammies or a build-your-own salad. And dessert, of course.    

Midnite Movie Mamacita Andrea Beesley-Brown, who was there with her husband "Mr. Mamacita," also favored the eclairs. "You mean the crack??" quipped Beesley-Brown when I pointed to the pile of eclair bites. "These are so good!" Clearly everyone thought so, because the eclair samples were gone before I left while the poor mini muffins and zucchini bread were barely touched. Sorry, cinnamon twists... we barely knew you. 

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Wynter Holden
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