Brew Review

Brew Review: Black and Tan

Heading off into the great unknown world outside my office window glass on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, one thing was clearly set in my mind: beer. I needed one and a good one at that. 

I joined forces with my comrades from New Times at the local pub where we settled into a few drinks. For me, nothing spells work day relief better than a good black and tan. This beer cocktail made by combining ales with stouts is a universe of beer goodness trapped in a chilled glass. 

How did this pre-Turkey Day drink stack up?

Tastes: like a malty ying and yang in a glass. 

I got mine: at Rose & Crown

Goes well with: relaxing after the rat race has run. 

Verdict: Having both beers on tap for your black and tan is practically a necessity. For just that reason, the black and tans at Rose & Crown get the stamp of approval. 

You can make yours: with a spoon. Fill a glass half way with Bass or Harp then place a spoon over the glass and pour Guinness over the spoon to layer it on top without mixing the two beers together. Practice makes perfect, they say. If you're really terrible at this technique starting out, you may want to hide the keys and have a bottle of asprin handy. 

Happy Drinking. -- Jonathan McNamara


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Jonathan McNamara