Brew Review

Brew Review: Dogfish Head Aprihop

Maybe I took a few too many bocce balls to the Noggin at the Dogifh Head Intergalactic Bocce Tournament a few weeks ago, but I've had the stuff on my mind ever since. Specifically the Aprihop which Dogfish Head describes as "a serious India Pale Ale brewed with real apricots."

I quickly learned what they meant by serious when I watched my fellow tasters try it out. Everyone was surprised. For some the first sip seemed to be a revelation. Is beer allowed to taste this flavorful? Yes, my friends, it is. But is this brew a fruity success or rotten to its core?

Tastes: like golden raisins. The very notion of fruit in a beer seems to dream up notions of lambics. Sorry, dainty beer drinkers, you won't find any of that juicy sweetness here. Aprihop combines the flavors of apricots with the hoppy sourness of an IPA to create a beverage that is charged with flavor.

I got mine: at Cost Plus World Market at Tempe Marketplace for about $10. A bit steep, honestly.

Goes with: the increasing heat. It could be that associate this with costumed super heroes playing Bocce ball, but I have a feeling I'll be consuming a four pack of Aprihop off an on as the Summer wears on. It's absolutely refreshing.

Verdict: I think this is a great brew. It's got a little something extra with that apricot flavor that makes it intriguing enough to try it again and again. A few of my fellow tasters were concerned that this beer would be hard to consume multiple bottles of though, so be warned if you're not used to drinking heavier brews.

Happy drinking!

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Jonathan McNamara