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Brew Review: Four Peaks Brewing Company's Kiltlifter

By Jonathan McNamara

It's a shame I like this beer so much. If I didn't, I would tell you that this beer tastes like what you get a face full of when you lift a kilt: ass.

Alas, blasting Tempe-based Four Peaks Brewing Company's Kiltlifter was not meant to be as I find it delicious.

Tastes: like a beer I could drink every day. There is a hint of pepper at the front end of this beer which slides into a sweet flavor at the end of every sip. It reminds me of adding pepper or salt to deserts to emphasize the inherent sweetness. Despite a full flavor, Kiltlifter remains light enough that you could throw a few back just about anytime without worrying about the dreaded lead gut effect of heavier beers.

I had mine: While greeting the morn, me bagpipes in hand, as I stood atop the Scottish Highlands. Okay, I really had it at home while surfing around the net. Yet that too is part of the allure of this beer. Four Peaks brews can be purchased at neighborhood grocery stores. There's no need to venture out to some dive to enjoy this local beer.

Goes with: tartan-patterned skirts for men.

Verdict: If there could be only one beer, I would not name this highlander-inspired draught as my first choice. That being said, there is a lot to like here. Drink it often, comfortable in the knowledge that you're about to enjoy a beer as crisp and refreshing as the wind of the Scottish highlands blowing between your pasty, white legs.

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Jonathan McNamara

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