Brew Review: Four Peaks' Hefeweizen

By Jonathan McNamara

Here on Brew Review we’ve analyzed beer from a religious perspective; we’ve looked at it in terms of refreshment; we’ve criticized certain bottles for their blatant novelty and more.

Today we’ll be looking at beer as a mood enhancer.

Brew Review: Four Peaks' Hefeweizen

I’d just popped in to Casey Moore’s Oyster Bar on Ash in Tempe with a friend and fancied a local brew with an air of summer to it. I was given the recommendation of Four Peaks Brewing Company’s Hefeweizen, which I accepted appreciatively. I was about to squeeze my lemon when I got a pat on the back.

A rather large man with features I would describe as hairy pointed to a nearly empty, fluted cocktail glass sweating on the counter.

“That’s my drink,” he said. I glanced at it only to hear him address me once more. “This is my seat.”

I moved, but I must admit I was put off by this gentleman’s gruff demeanor. I sat down at another table commenting to my friend about our associate’s lack of manners when I once again picked up my lemon and squeezed it.

Suddenly I realized that the action of crushing the sour goodness out of that yellow wedge soothed some of the frustration I was feeling as if it were some sort of citrus stress ball. I plopped it into my beer and watched streams of bubbles run for the surface. I took a long pull from my glass and relaxed as the liquid zen flowed through my chakras.

I was once again one with the universe all thanks to a glass of brew. Maybe that's why they call it Hefeweizen.

Tastes: like a lemony reminder that even when life is momentarily frustrating it’s pretty good a lot of the time.

I had mine: precisely when I needed it. I don’t know if any of life’s problems can be solved with beer, but after drinking this I want to believe it’s possible.

Goes with: summer fare. Drink this at around the grill, or just chilling outside in the evening. For maximum Zen, make sure you enjoy it in a glass with a lemon wedge.

Verdict: This is definitely a summer beer. It is absolutely crisp and soothing to the palate, I plan to enjoy this beer at every opportunity.


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