Brew Review

Brew Review: Hop Back Amber Ale

Times are tough and sacrifices must be made. What do we mean? Take the simple birthday gift. For our upcoming birthday, our roommate opted not to buy us a present. Truth be told, his funds are tight and so are ours (so he won't be getting much either for his early December birthday).

Instead, the nice guy gave up one of his precious treasures: bottle of Hop Back Amber Ale from Troegs Independent Craft Brewery. That the Hop Back comes from Harrisburg, PA and can not be found here (other than our house) makes it special enough, but the pure hop goodness infused in every sip makes it one of the best birthday gifts ever.

Tastes: like prancing through a field of hops where the beer flows like crystal, amber streams. Sierra Nevada wishes it tasted this good.

I got mine: We're not giving away our address. You're going to have to head to the East if you want a bottle of this golden deliciousness.

Verdict: I'm confident that if the whole world smelt of hops, we would be in a much better place. Wars would end. Love would be everlasting and Hop Back Amber Ale would be unnecessary. As it is, times are tough. Give yourself the gift of hops by convincing your roommates who call the East Coast home to smuggle a few bottles of this stuff back.

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Jonathan McNamara