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Brew Review: Lost & Found Abbey Ale From The Lost Abbey

"Please join us by raising your glass as we offer a toast to patience, perseverance, and all the things we have lost along the way and were somehow lucky enough to find once again." So does the inscription on each bottle of Lost & Found Abbey Ale from The Lost Abbey read.

As I looked over the bottle and wondered about its seemingly delicious content I could not but help thinking about love and betrayal. Fear not, I have no intention of speaking about my romantic misadventures. No, I speak of something much more important: the love for a brewery and the betrayal of that love with foul-tasting beer.

Twice have I had the pleasure of tasting brews from The Lost Abbey. Serpent Stout made me feeling things I didn't think were possible for a beer. It was rich, beautiful and made even Guinness seem watered-down. But it was the metallic after taste I suffered while drinking Lost Abbey's Hopp 15 that drove me away. Lost Abbey, it was like you'd turned into another brewery altogether! I thought I knew you!

Still, I couldn't stay away. And so I've returned to Lost Abbey for another chance. Will Lost & Found help me find that magic I lost along the way or leave me yearning for something that was never meant to be?

Tastes: absolutely delicious. While I can't say the same for each of my beer-tasting cohorts here at New Times, I rediscovered in Lost & Found that which I had been missing from The Lost Abbey since tasting the Serpent Stout for the very first time. The bottle was not lying when it described a delicate, raisin flavor running throughout the drink that lends it a balanced sweetness and an almost smoky finish.

I got mine: at Topps Liquor in Tempe. They have quite a few bottles from The Lost Abbey in stock so chances are I'll be back.

Goes with: being reunited. Lost & Found is strong like my rekindled love for The Lost Abbey. Pair it with spicy, flavorful dishes but avoid seafood.

Verdict: What once was lost is now found. Perhaps I was a bit too harsh on The Lost Abbey for their Hopp 15. If not for second chances, I wouldn't know about the delicious contents hidden away inside each bottle of Lost & Found. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more making up to do. Where's my glass?

Happy drinking!

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Jonathan McNamara