Brew Review

Brew Review: Lump of Coal Stout

It's confession time. We know it's now two months from the big day, but this has been building up and for our own sakes it must be revealed: we weren't very good in 2008. We made a few too many crass remarks at the pub and got so "jolly" on a regular basis that we visited the porcelain god like it was an advent calendar. 

Needless to say we didn't get much in our stockings at Christmas but in February things seem to have started turning around. One of our taste testers gifted us with a delightfully seasonal brew that really was more than we deserve: Lump of Coal Stout from Ridgeway Brewing.

But is this brew a Christmas miracle or the just punishment we deserve?

Tastes: Like gobbling up a Nestle Santa and a chocolate orange in one go. There is an inherent coffee/chocolate flavor going on in the front of each sip that mellows out into a carbonated citrus finish. 

We got ours: from a caring comrade who has overlooked our awkward social flaws (being affronted when a bartender would not accept "wait for my economic stimulus payment to come in" as a viable solution to our massive bar tab) and saw fit to provide us with a bottle of brew. 

Goes with: One of our tasters insisted it would be a good pairing with Indian food. Hey, if a few samosas will curry a little favor with Mr. Claus, we're for it. 

Verdict: If we can be negligent on our good behavior duties and still suck one or two of these down every year, why the hell would we change our ways? There's nothing in Santa's bag that can beat a bottle of Lump of Coal. 

Attention Beer Drinkers: Have you made plans to attend the Strong Beer Festival yet? New Times will be there in full force, so come say hello. Don't worry, we won't bite. We'll be too busy drinking. 

Happy drinking.

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Jonathan McNamara