Brew Review: Nut Brown Ale

By Jonathan McNamara

As the headline suggests, you've just stumbled into a new Chow Bella segment focused on the gods' proof that they want us to be happy: beer. Keep checking back each week for reviews of the sudsy stuff.

This week's brew: Oak Creek Brewing Co.'s Nut Brown Ale. Sedona-based Oak Creek Brewing Co. has a selection of microbrews including a Bavarian Wheat Beer.

How did their Nut Brown Ale stack up?

Tastes: Like sugar. I would expect some sort of nut-based sweetness to this beer from the name, but what I got was just plain, old glucose. Imagine spooning a few heaping helpings of Equal into a Shiner Bock and you'll know where I'm coming from on this.

I had mine: While waiting two-and-a-half-to-three-hours for a bar chair at Pizzeria Bianco. Don't get me wrong, the pizza was definitely worth the wait. I only wish that I'd picked a different beer to help me pass the time.

Goes with: Ice cream? Honestly, it feels like this beer had the potential to live up to the "finely handcrafted/fresh microbrewed" hype you'll find on its label, but it sacrificed full-bodied taste for an unnecessary sweetness.

Verdict: I suppose if you've already overdosed on flowery cocktails and you need to take it easy this beer might have a purpose. In all other cases there are hundreds of beers I'd recommend over this.


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