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Brew Review: Reaper Ale's Deathly Pale Ale

"Deathly pale" is not a phrase that appears in everyday conversation very often. In fact the only example I can think of occurred the last time I visited a beach. It was uttered from some nearby ladies as my physique built on my Irish heritage approached the surf. It stung to hear, but not as much as the sun burn I sustained not ten minutes later.

Luckily my friends at Reaper Ale feel my pain and have created the perfect brew for drowning my pasty-ass sorrows. Yes, today we will review Reaper Ale's Deathly Pale Ale.

I've already reviewed (briefly) one of the beer creations crafted by the deathly cold hands of the brew masters at Reaper Ale. The Mortality Stout may try men's souls, but I'll be damned if it wasn't delicious!

Nope, still here.

But before I divulge my very soul on the subject of their palest ales, here are a few things you should know about Reaper Ale:

  • Some breweries have an about page on their Web site. Reaper ale has a seven chapter (thus far) legend that starts with the sentence "Death was pissed."
  • Reaper Ale is brewed and bottled in El Monte, California and not the seventh circle of hell as the packaging may lead you to believe. It is distributed in California, Colorado, Delaware, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Arizona.
  • Reaper Ale makes six varieties of beer thus far each with their own occult-inspired name affixed to its bottle. These include: Redemption Red Ale, Deathly Pale Ale, Mortality Stout, Sleighor, Ritual and Inevitable

Is Deathly Pale Ale worth dying for, or should this brew receive its very own dirt nap?

Tastes: like the sweet release of death, this beer is absolutely refreshing. Floral notes at the front end of this brew make it a joy to drink and the hoppy finish is powerful without bowling you over.

One of my braver beer drinking compatriots described it as "the best beer we've tried in weeks."

I got mine: at Bev Mo for about $5. They also had the Redemption Red.

Goes with: last meals. If you've got a choice, we'd recommend consuming some pub grub with this delicious brew. Fish and chips, burgers, over-stuffed sandwiches, it's all good.

Verdict: When the grim reaper knocks on my door I'm planning to have a few bottles of this hanging around. Deathly Pale is so good it just might by me some time from Death itself.

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Jonathan McNamara