Brew Review: Samuel Adams' Blackberry Witbier

On the list of things that can't be ignored, a box full of beer is fairly high. So you'll understand my position when I tell you that this is the precise situation I currently find myself in. Sitting in and about my office are no fewer than twenty bottles of various Samuel Adams flavors. I'm definitely going to drink them, so I suppose the least I can do is review them as well.

The sad truth is I've never met a Sam Adams I enjoyed. That's not to say they're bad beers, they're not. They just tend to be nothing special. Will S.A. convert me to a follower? It's unlikely, but I'm still going to review one of their beers every day this month to find out.

Today's Beer: Blackberry Witbier

Tastes: Clearly Canadian. The blackberry comes through quite strong. Unfortunately, any beer flavor (there was none to be detected when I drank it) is covered up by the floral essence of the berry flavor. Had I received it in a glass I might have confused it for some sort of wine cooler.

I'd Rather Drink: a frambois lambic.

Verdict: Maybe you're not a beer drinker. Maybe you're on the fence and ready to see what all this beer-drinking business is about. You're not ready for the taste adventure that is hops. You're not ready to get down with a pint of stout. You need something easy to get you started. Don't let this beer your first beer. If you must, make it number three or four.


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