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Brew Review: Slim Chance Light Ale

We've said it before, but it deserves a second shot: the only thing better than reviewing beer is reviewing beer received gratis in the mail. That's right. Redhook has a new drink to push on the masses and they have sent it to us on the off chance that we would play our role in marketing machine and put it in your face. We don't like being told what to do, but...come on! It's free beer.

So what brew did we suck down in the name of marketing? Slim Chance Light Ale

Let's get one thing straight, this marketing is ridiculous. Just check out the copy from this press release:

"It's the beer you want to drink after a hard run, a day on the slopes or a long bike ride, but it's also great for when you're just hanging out in the backyard."

So does Redhook's new light beer blow us away or does their wind-surfing motif just blow?

Tastes: so good we can't make fun of this beer the way its advertising and target demographic deserves. At 125 calories per 12 oz. bottle Slim Chance has a nice balance between brew for dieters and brew that actually tastes worth drinking.

Goes with: low calorie hanging out, but certainly not wind-surfing. Listen up, Red Hook: America doesn't need a brew for post-water sport inebriation. That's just an excuse. The fact of the matter is that drinking beer in its purest form is an act of celebration that has no need for an excuse. Whether you've just given birth, finished mowing the lawn or (I guess) spent a day wind surfing, reaching for a cold one regardless of what can your fingers are yearning for is a natural step. Don't try to bitch that up with needless marketing bullshit.

I mean how big can the beer-drinking wind surfer niche be? This demographic has no money. Slim Chance will be the highest shop-lifted beer in America.

We got ours: in the mail. That's right. It was awesome.

Verdict: We'd like to tell you that there's a slim chance we'd ever actually buy this schlock. Here's the rub. It's good. God help us, despite the generic extreme sports motif on the label and the misplaced marketing campaign, Slim Chance is one of the better light brews we've supped.

Take a sip for yourself and tell us we're wrong. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got an extreme croquet game coming up.

Happy drinking.

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Jonathan McNamara