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Brew Review: Sun Up's Armadillo Red Ale

This Summer Beer Quest is taking a toll on me. Don't think for a minute that I'm complaining about writing and (in this case) photographing beer around our fair city. Far from it. It's the subsequent eating that's such a drag later on.

Take the Sonora Brewhouse for example. Sun Up beer is some pretty great stuff. The buffalo wings on the other hand leave something to be desired. Yet combine an admittedly stupid decision not to eat lunch today with a few pints of Armadillo Red Ale and all of a sudden you're sitting behind a plate full of sub-standard wing remnants.

What is it about the Armadillo Red Ale that has placed me in this predicament? Are roasted malts the secret ingredient Sonora Brewhouse employs to ensure the successful sale of wings and onion rings?

Tastes: the aforementioned roasted malts are heavily present in this beer. It's a good thing though as it rounds out the citrus flavor and gives the brew a smooth, caramel color.

Goes with: these sub-par wings. I've got to hand it to Sonora Brewhouse. If I were reviewing ranch dressing every week I wouldn't hesitate to point out how inadequate these wings are. Yet combined with the Armadillo Red, they're delightful. What otherwise would seem small and mild comes off as sufficiently bite-sized and balanced.

Verdict: At the risk of making you want to gorge on food that, if served at a party, would make you want to bail, Armadillo Red is a worthwhile use of your beer drinking time. Seek it out and make it a present for your taste receptors. Just don't forget the Tums.

Happy drinking!

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Jonathan McNamara

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