Brew Review: The Carling iPint

By Jonathan McNamara

Before we get on to the brew, I’d like to ask you to read past the jump to learn about the first (potentially of many depending on how this one goes) Brew Review contest. Please read to the end!

Carling is a familiar beer brand to anyone who frequents Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom. The brand was founded in 1840 when Thomas Carling started a small brewing operation to sell beer to soldiers at the local military camp. Now 168 year later, Carling has pioneered the beer industry by combining frothy brew with technological wizardry in the form of the iPint.

Simply download the iPint and your iPhone or iPod Touch becomes a technological marvel that fills with Carling beer at the press of a button.

Tastes: a bit disappointing. In fact, I couldn’t taste it at all. How do you get the damn beer out of the iPhone?

Goes with: the iSaber. Just don’t consume one before you use the other or you’re liable to destroy your phone.

Verdict: Carling is halfway there, but until I can actually use my iPhone to produce mouth-watering suds to shlosh down my gullet, I’m not sure what the point of all this high-end gadgetry is.

Brew Review Contest:

I've opted to keep the rules quite simple for this first contest. The reader who e-mails me the name of the first beer reviewed here on The Brew Review will receive the double edged prize of either drinking a six pack of Cave Creek Chili Beer courtesy of me or watching me drink a six pack of Cave Creek Chili Beer much to my dismay. The choice, as they say, is yours.

Good luck!

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