Brew Review

Brew Review: Turf's House Ale

Irish beer. Is there anything else so delicious? I decided to find out by taking a visit to Turf, a semi-new Irish pub in Downtown Phoenix.

As you might expect, Turf is stocked with well-knowns including Guinness, Harp and Smithwick's but I wondered if there was a selection off the menu. Turns out Turf has it's own house ale; a practice I would expect from every watering hole worth it's taps.

But is the house brew at Turf a good find or should I have just stuck to Boddington's?

Tastes: like they were going for a lager. There's no denying that the house ale at Turf is refreshing. It's just too bad that it tastes about the same as another refreshing drink: water. Seriously, it's like they forgot to put malt into the brew.

I got mine: on Thursday afternoon after work. I was in the beer zone. My hard day of work was over, I was just settling into my long weekend and ready to knock back a cold one. I should have ordered a Boddington's instead.

Goes with: hydration, a fear of taste and/or an interest in drinking weak beer.

Verdict: There are a great many things to like about Turf. Frankly, Phoenix needs more hip little places to hang out so I'm pleased that this one exists. But come on, guys. If you're going to have a house ale, make sure it's a great one. If you need some advice, ask The Roosevelt. Sure, they just repurposed a Four Peaks beer and stuck it with the label "house," but at least it's good.

Happy drinking!

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Jonathan McNamara