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Brewed For Battle: Thanksgiving Picks

There are a select few times that even the most hardened warriors lay down their weapons and forgo the rigors of battle to enjoy a little time off. So is it for our "Brewed For Battle" regulars. We've skipped the normal beer throw down this holiday week. Instead we're presenting you with a list of the beer we'll be drinking as we snarf turkey and get stuffed with stuffing.

Have a favorite brew on Thanksgiving? Drop us a comment and let us know what you're drinking.

Zach's pick: Elsie's Irish Cream Coffee Stout

If there's one beverage my dad and I enjoy drinking nearly as much as beer, it's coffee. It's part of the morning ritual when I visit: whoever wakes up first makes his groggy way downstairs and brews up a pot, which we'll both sip while discussing politics over breakfast. So there should be no surprise that one of our favorite beers is Elsie's Irish Cream Coffee Stout from Papago Brewing. I treated dad to a pint of it a few years ago; now he requests it every time I visit. His exact words: "If you were to bring home a growler of that coffee beer... I wouldn't not drink it." So, Thanksgiving morning he and I'll be foregoing our usual cups of joe and starting the day off right with pints of Elsie's. It's not exactly traditional holiday fare, but what did the pilgrims know anyway?

Shannon's pick: Lindeman's Framboise Lambic and Young's Chocolate Stout

Mixed. Yep this Thanksgiving I'm going to girl-y it up and drink my favorite dessert drink. Since I'll be at the folks house all day and don't want to pass out before dinner, I normally try and keep it simple by having a couple Coronas with mom. Once dinner is over, I'll break out the good stuff. Fuzzy Raspberry Framboise and dark, chocolate-y Young's mixed together to make up a rich, velvet drink that is perfect for sipping next to the fire pit.

Jonathan's pick: Shiner Black Lager

Yeah, I know. Shiner Black Lager is merely decent on its best day. I'm also well aware that I can get this brew whenever I want in Arizona. That being said, it reminds me of home (hell yeah I'm from Texas) and seems only too appropriate. There's another method to my madness as well. I love my family, but sophisticated beer drinkers we are not. In an attempt to avoid drinking bud without offending them with something that will blow their minds with hoppy flavor, it's the black lager. Bottoms up and happy Thanksgiving!

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Jonathan McNamara