Brilliant Blog: This Is Why You're Fat

Freaking hilarious! A friend just sent me a blog link that has me laughing so hard I just had to share it. It's called This Is Why You're Fat, and its food porn at its most obscene.

This collection of "deliciously gross food" from across the blogosphere is simultaneously disgusting, fascinating, and sometimes perversely drool-inducing. Like, I could hurl at the sight of the gnarly-looking sandwich cake or the thought of pork brains in milk gravy, but a bacon and fudge danish breakfast sandwich looks pretty good...

The McGangBang, in particular, cracked me up -- it's a McChicken sandwich stuffed into a McDonald's double cheeseburger -- and my friend pointed out that it's become quite the cultural phenomenon. Read all about it. Don't you wonder who's behind this stuff?


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