British Open Pub Celebrates the Queen's Coronation Tonight With Free, 41-Pint Salute

Hey, it's Coronation Day in England! Happy Coronation Day, England -- woo, hoo!

Wait, what's Coronation Day? And why should we care?

Coronation Day, June 2, is celebrated each year in England and marks the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. We should care 'cause the British Open Pub in Scottsdale is celebrating with free beer.

Yeah, that's right. With a take on the 41-gun salute performed for her majesty on this day, the British Open Pub is doin' it brew style -- at 8 p.m. tonight -- with owner Gregg Troilo pouring 41 pints of free beer for the first 41 people, then signaling for the beginning of the Coronation Day toast, er, salute. Afterward, the pub will offer drink specials including $2 Bud Lights, $2 Patron Citronage shots, and extended happy hour pricing until close.

"Being an English pub, it's a given that we'd mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth," says Troilo. "But why have a 41-gun salute? You can have a lot more fun with 41 pints of beer."

Who knew a holiday we could care less about in another country could be so much fun?

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