Brownie Showdown: Joy of Baking

When we heard about the 26-page Pentagon brownie recipe published recently, we couldn't resist trying to bake them. Emphasis on trying. What better time for the next Chow Bella Showdown? We gathered the staff and got them baked -- er, baking.

Whose cuisine will reign supreme? Tune in all week to see who baked what and learn who won in a final post by New Times food critic Michele Laudig.

​Yesterday, Sarah Ventre attempted the Pentagon brownies. No military personnel were consulted in connection with today's creation, we assure you.

In fact, while looking for a completely positive experience (and a recipe that called for semi-sweet chocolate chips, since I'd forgotten to purchase bittersweet chocolate), I landed on the Joy of Baking.  

And what a nice place to be.

The recipe was easy, fairly run-of-the-mill, and as the JOB folks pointed out, one of the joys of baking brownies is the fact that you only need to use one bowl. And no electric mixer.

I got lazy and nuked the butter and chocolate instead of double-boiler-ing it, which might account for the fact that the final product was a little dry. 

In any case, the brownies were definitely edible, and easy. Joy!

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