Fine's bruschetta with house-smoked mozzarella: Wow.

Budget Beat: Fine's Cellar and Wine Bistro

Happy New Year, Budget Beaters! 

It ain't a news flash when I say that times are tight as we enter the new year. After the missus and I put pencil to paper on New Year's Day to add up all the money we blew in '08, we decided that even the Budget Beat household had best hold the pursestrings a little tighter in 2009. (Heck, I even brought my lunch to work today.) So, I can assure you we'll be tracking down the best deals in town. And my New Year's resolution (nay, my New Year's pledge to you), dear readers, is that I will pass news of such deals to you.

So, over in Old Town Scottsdale, there's a sweet little promotion going on at the semi-swanky eatery called Fine's Cellar and Wine Bistro.

On Monday nights at this fine establishment, all food is half-price. What more do you need to know? Well, the food we sampled on a recent visit was uniformly excellent -- and when you throw in some

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