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Burger Daze: A Month of Specialty Burgers at Liberty Market in Gilbert — and a Bonus

On August 22, Liberty Market will offer the Fried Chicken Burger.
On August 22, Liberty Market will offer the Fried Chicken Burger. Sarah Roberson Peachy Photography and Social Media

Looking to beef up this August? Head to Liberty Market in Gilbert for Burger Daze.

Every day of the month, Liberty will offer a different burger special. Bonus: Save your receipts, and if you try 10 different burgers, you'll get a gift card to the restaurant for $50. Try all 31 for a $250 gift card. (Receipts must be presented during the first week of September.)

Chef David Traina's got his 2017 Burger Daze lineup ready:

August 1, Coffee Burger: beef patty, Beehive Barely Buzzed Cheese, candied bacon, and onion whipped cream on a hawaiian bun.

August 2, Monte Cristo Burger: beef patty, swiss cheese, shaved ham, strawberry jam and powdered sugar, served open face on griddled bread pudding.

August 3, Spanish Burger: beef patty, manchego cheese, chimichurri aioli and sliced Spanish chorizo on panella bun.

August 4, Ultimate Buffalo Burger: buffalo patty, pickled carrots and celery, St. Pete’s blue cheese, Frank’s Red Hot buffalo sauce on kaiser bun.

August 5, Chilaquiles Burger: beef patty, chilaquiles, sunny-side-up egg, tomatillo salsa, cotija cheese on a jalapeno ciabatta bun.

August 6, Liberty Joe Burger: beef patty, house-made sloppy joe and cheddar cheese on Hawaiian bun.

August 7, Gordita Burger: beef patty, pico de gallo, lettuce, pepper jack cheese on house-made fried gorditas. Served with tortilla chips.

August 8, California Burger: beef patty, fresh guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and monterey jack cheese on a croissant.

August 9, Shrimp Po’ Boy Burger: two 4-ounce patties, fried shrimp, coleslaw, and house-made remoulade on a baguette.

August 10, Thai Ramen Burger: beef patty, ramen noodles, thai basil, cilantro, seasoned pork, and red chili peanut sauce on a panella bun.

August 11, Onion Ring Burger: beef patty, fried onion ring, smoked cheddar, sauteed red onion, potato chips, and barbecue sauce on kaiser bun.

August 12, Short Rib Burger: beef patty, braised short ribs, fresh mozzarella, and shaved parmesan on ciabatta bun.

August 13, Croque Madame Burger: beef patty, shaved ham, swiss, fresh tomato, sunny-side-up egg, smothered with bechamel, served open-faced on challah toast.

August 14, Elvis Burger: beef patty, cheddar cheese, chopped bacon, peanut butter, and pickles on a house,made waffle bun.

August 15, Boursin Burger: beef patty, herbed Boursin cheese, caramelized onions, and fresh arugula on a Hawaiian bun.

August 16, Black Bean Butternut Burger (vegan): black bean and butternut squash patty, avocado, heirloom tomatoes, and baby greens on a kaiser bun.

August 17, Greek Burger: beef patty, feta cheese, nicoise olives, oven-dried tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce on a potato bun.

August 18, Poached Pear Burger: white wine-poached pear, cambozola, bacon, and spring mix on Hawaiian bun.

August 19, Louie Burger: beef patty, crab salad, chopped bacon, avocado, red leaf lettuce, and Russian dressing on a pretzel bun.

August 20, BBQ Pork Burger: beef patty, house-made barbecue pulled pork with creamy coleslaw on seeded kaiser.

August 21, Brie and Mushroom Burger: beef patty, brie cheese, truffled mushrooms, watercress, and oven-dried tomato aioli on an onion brioche bun.

August 22, Fried Chicken Burger: beef patty, fried chicken, bacon, jack cheese, ranch, and jalapeno chips on a Hawaiian bun.

August 23, Korean Beef Burger: beef patty, Korean-style short ribs, kimchi, radishes, and sesame seeds on a hand-cut bun.

August 24, Serious Grilled Cheese Burger: beef patty, fontina cheese, jack cheese, cambozola cheese, and shaved cornichons on a panella bun.

August 25, Fresh Grind Burger: house-ground brisket, ribeye, and short rib patty, fontina cheese, tempura-fried oyster mushroom, and demi glace, served open-faced on a polenta cake.

August 26, Savory Dossant Burger: beef patty, gruyere cheese, crispy bacon, and roasted garlic aioli on an onion dossant.

August 27, Elote Burger: beef patty, fire-roasted corn, Mexican spice blend, lime aioli, pepper jack, cotija, Fresno peppers, and cilantro on jalapeno ciabatta bun.

August 28, Curry Masala Burger: beef patty, grilled halloumi cheese, curried onions and tomatoes, and masala aioli, on a brioche bun.

August 29, Basil Pesto Burger: beef patty, basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, fried zucchini, and arugula on a ciabatta bun.

August 30, Chile Relleno Burger: beef patty, cheese-stuffed relleno, shredded lettuce, green enchilada sauce, and cotija cheese, on a panella bun.

August 31, End of Daze Burger: house-ground beef patty, Hatch chile cheese, foie gras, duck bacon, truffle aioli, and Parmesan tuile on toasted brioche.

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